Large Adult Tricycles                        
 Rugged All Terrain Large Adullt -Senior-Special Needs Tricycles                           
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                        STANDARD MODEL (BLUE YELLOW RED)                    STEP THROUGH.EASY ON EASY OFF  (YELLOW ONLY)

The Adult Trike is hand welded and constructed of heavy duty 14 and 16 gauge steel. 
The Higley adult trike comes equipped with all terrain ?dual? pneumatic tires mounted on heavy duty steel rims with 5/8 inch steel ball-bearings.

The adjustable and larger seat and tilting padded handle-bars allow this adult trike to adapt to fit your size. 
This smooth riding trike was built to last and one where you can pass-on to future generations. 

Rides over any terrain! 
It goes over gravel, snow, grass and mud.
Nothing can slow you down on this ride. 

The adult trike has been used by adults with physical disabilities and mobility challenges, security guards, racing crews, corporate events and sporting promotions. 

You can cruise around the corporate grounds, race other trikes around a track or take your pet for a walk around the block with comfort and confidence that in the end, is just plain fun to ride.

+ Length: 34”
+ Width: 30”
+ Seat to Center Axle: 26” at Farthest
+ Dually Rear Pneumatic Tires
+ Tires: Knobby Pneumatic
+ Heavy Duty Steel Rims
+ 5/8” Steel Ball Bearings
+ Wide Profile Dish Seat
+ Adjustable Shock Absorber on Seat Frame
+ Large Comfort Pedals w/Recessed Amber Reflectors
+ Powder Coated Frame

                                                           MODEL 1 $399.00 PLUS $79.00 US 48 STATES  
                                                    STEP THROUGH
  $449.00.  INCLUDES SEAT WITH BACKREST $449.00  

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Dual Wheel  Tricycle. Once you get on  you will not want to get off.You can ride this beach cruiser pedal tricycle across a dirt field or on the cement.This fat tire dual wheel tricycle is ideal for a a little larger people or full size adults.It's perfect mobility for those with special needs.Comes standard with dual fat tires in the back and one large jumbo fat tire in the front.Comes equipped with all terrain pneumatic tires mounted on heavy duty steel rims with 5/8 inch steel ball-bearings.

  This jumbo size tricycle is ideal for tricycle racing,church and school functions.We build,sell and rent this tricycle in the Minneapolis,St Paul area.
Ideal for people  4"5" -  to 6' 5".Unlike other big trikes we use a single horizontal frame.We do this so your feet will not get hung up when mounting the tricycle. The dimensions are 41" to 43" height to the handle, the seat level is 24"to 29" .  The Seat is adjustable up and down on the frame at any location you wish . Available powder coat color: red,blue,yellow




                                                         DISK BRAKE TRICYCLE

                   Our new jumbo size tricycle has a rear stop disk brake system. The new  axle version "not shown"will be made from all "no rust" 304 stainless steel.  This tricycle has a 4 week back log and will cost $699.00 plus shipping.
Call to order. Ph 763-438-0356